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    Healthy Smiles & Healthy Pets

    Dental Care

    Quality Pet Dental Services

    Along with overall wellness, we can’t forget how important your pet’s oral health is.

    At Walhalla Veterinary Hospital in West Union, SC, we provide comprehensive pet dental exams, teeth cleaning with grooming, and more. We want your furry friends around for a long time, and keeping their smiles healthy is one way to do so. Various diseases can stem from poor oral health, and our team is determined to prevent those from developing. We can catch any oral issues before they become detrimental and ensure your pet’s oral health is maintained.

    Dental Care

    When it comes to dental care for your dog or cat, we use the highest quality equipment and technology to maintain your pet’s oral health. Having good oral health preserves your pet’s overall health.

    Diseases that can stem from oral health and affect the rest of the body includes periodontal disease, halitosis, and more. Protect your pet’s overall health by attending to their dental needs to avoid gum recession, bone deterioration, and other harmful consequences.

    Oral Exam

    As veterinarians dedicated to promoting overall positive health, we highly recommend having your pet come in for a routine oral exam. We will examine your dog or cat’s teeth, gums, and overall oral health to identify and treat any potential issues.

    Dental Cleaning

    We are happy to perform teeth cleaning for your pet, especially if any tartar or bacteria is found during the dental exam. Our veterinarians will check for any build-up and eliminate bacteria under the gumline to deliver a fresh smile for your pet.

    Teeth Extractions

    If there are any problems with your cat or dog’s dental health, we can perform a tooth extraction if needed. We will ensure your pet is put at ease before the procedure. Our team will do everything possible to optimize your pet’s overall health.

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