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Walhalla Veterinary Hospital

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    The Highest Standard of Pet Care


    Compassionate Wellness Services

    At Walhalla Veterinary Hospital in West Union, SC, we focus on helping your pet live a long and happy life.

    With this focus, we believe preventive care is the key. Just like humans, pets need annual wellness visits to ensure everything is running smoothly within their bodies. We offer routine physicals, dental exams, cat and dog vaccinations, and much more to keep your pet in the best shape. You can expect a warm and welcoming environment at our hospital that will allow your pet to feel comfortable when they come in.

    Wellness Exams

    We know furry friends are more than just pets; they are family members, which is why we want to keep them around as long as we can. By bringing your cat or dog in for an annual wellness exam, we can identify any issues below the surface and aid in detecting potential issues.

    Our experienced and trusted veterinarians will perform a thorough, full-body examination of your pet. We check their vision and lungs, listen to their heartbeat, and check for any lumps or abnormalities on the body.

    Pets are on their paws all day long, which is why we make it a point to examine their joints for swelling and fitness carefully. We may perform routine blood tests to check for parasites and other matters. During the wellness visit, we will also examine your pet’s teeth and oral cavity.

    We will notify pet owners of any remarkable observations during every routine wellness visit and advise them on maintaining a healthy lifestyle for their pets outside of veterinary visits.


    We recommend boosters for your pet when they are young and developing. However, vaccinations can begin as soon as six weeks old. We recommend your pet receives annual vaccinations to continue protection.

    Routine immunizations can keep your cat or dog protected from various infectious diseases. We want your pet to live long and enjoy life as much as possible. Please help us in doing so by developing a vaccination schedule that works for you and your pet.

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