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Walhalla Veterinary Hospital

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    Compassionate Pet Preventative Care


    Careful Diagnostic Testing

    As experienced and caring veterinarians, we can only learn so much about your pet from a wellness exam.

    We can only detect some diseases and issues from diagnostic tests such as pet X-rays and more. At Walhalla Veterinary Hospital in West Union, SC, we take every measure to ensure your cat or dog is healthy and can live a long, joyful life. It’s essential to understand what is going on beneath the surface, even if your pet looks or seems healthy.

    Pet X-Rays

    We utilize radiographs, or X-rays, to find things that the eye cannot observe. When it comes to finding the correct treatment method for your pet, it is essential to know what is going on internally. A wellness exam may discover a lump or abnormality, but an X-ray can figure out why it’s there.

    Knowing the shape, location, and size of the abnormality will help us figure out a faster way to eliminate it. X-rays are also valuable for finding foreign objects that your pet has ingested, so we can easily remove them or know if they will remove themselves. An X-ray can even discover gastrointestinal issues, heart and lung diseases, and bladder stones.

    Diagnostic Lab

    We can process multiple blood tests, chemistry levels, blood counts, and even pre-anesthetic blood tests within our lab.

    Our diagnostic lab at Walhalla Veterinary Hospital is essential for finding the problems in our pets that we can’t always see or understand. At the convenience of owners, we work promptly and efficiently to deliver test results.

    For more information about diagnostic testing, please Call or contact us today!

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