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    How To Know When It’s Time To Visit A Seneca SC Veterinary Clinic

    Having a pet is a full-time job. That’s why it’s common likened to having a baby or a child. Animals need regular preventative care just like humans do. Although many people wait until illness or injury has struck before visiting a Seneca SC veterinary clinic, this is hardly the right choice. At Walhalla Veterinary Hospital, we’re always available to provide the timely care and support that pet owners need.

    It’s important to have your pet examined by a licensed veterinarian at least once each year. In fact, if your pet insurance will cover it, twice yearly vet visits are advised. This is especially important for older pets and young animals. At these stages of life, pets require a higher level of attention and care. You definitely want to come see us if you believe that your animal is pregnant. If they are, we’ll establish a schedule of wellness visits to see them through the gestation process.

    Getting a new point is a time of celebration and joy. It’s also the right time to schedule a vet visit. This will give you the opportunity to make sure that your animal is in good health. If there are any shots or other essential medical services that a breeder or former owner has overlooked, you can take care of these things right away.

    Animal tooth care is also important. Dental infections and gum disease can be just as harmful to animals as they are to humans. We offer teeth cleaning services and other preventative treatments to ensure that oral health always remains high. We additionally provide other grooming services including nail trimming and bathing. We know that these things aren’t always easy for pet owners to perform on their own.

    Going to the vet is also a great way to get advice that’s specific to their animal and their breed. We can help you find the right forms of physical exercise, foods, and social activities for ensuring your pet’s well-being. If you make vet services a regular and expected part of your animal’s life, they’re guaranteed to be a lot less anxious if they ever need emergency vet services.

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