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    The Top Seneca Veterinarians Offer A Surprisingly Diverse Range Of Services And Products

    Like many pet owners, you probably only visit animal clinics when your pets are injured and ill. Just like humans, pets need preventative healthcare too. At Walhalla Veterinary Hospital, we want to share the surprisingly diverse range of services and products that Seneca veterinarians provide.

    Did you know that you can take your pet to an animal hospital for grooming? Not only is this significantly less costly than scheduling visits at a swanky pet parlor, but it also gives animals the breed-specific care they require. We don’t use general cleansing products, trimming, or bathing methods on each of our clients. Instead, we streamline our services to meet the unique needs of each pet we servce.

    You can also turn to use for reliable, compassionate, and safe boarding. We know how stressful it is for animals to travel. We also understand how challenging it can be for pet owners. When you’re away, we’ll make sure that your pets get plenty of interaction, good nutrition, exercise, and human engagement. Boarding services provided by veterinary hospitals are especially beneficial for people with pets that have chronic health issues.

    When you bring your animal in for preventative healthcare, we’ll show you how to clean their teeth. We also offer dental check-ups and dental treatments so that our clients can enjoy good oral health while proactively staving off problems like cavities and infection.

    We’re also a great place to get recommendations for need-specific products. For instance, if your cat or dog is getting older and is having a hard time digesting their former food, we can help you find the right food brands and types to switch to. We also offer products for oral care, safe, at-home grooming, behavioral training, and more. To learn all about our complete range of capabilities, contact Walhalla Veterinary Hospital now!

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