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    Top Things To Know When Taking Your Pet To Seneca SC Veterinarians For Orthopedic Surgery

    Severe pet injuries may require orthopedic surgeries just like orthopedic surgical procedures people undergo to address musculoskeletal problems. Various pet complications such as spinal disc issues, chronic arthritis, fractures and limb amputations are some of the health problem that may require orthopedic surgeon. Experienced Seneca SC veterinarians will always recommend surgical procedures usually for a noble reason. Asking questions to the surgeons when they suggest such a procedure will help you understand the condition and what concerns you pet. The rest of this post outlines the top questions that you need to ask the orthopedist about your pet and its health.

    Is the Surgical Operation Necessary

    Allow your veterinarian to assess the X-Ray and other imaging results to establish if the surgery need to be done immediately, in the foreseeable future or can be postponed for some time. We always explore all noninvasive therapeutic options before settling for surgeries on the pets we serve. We shall discuss such details before and guide you to consent for the operation. Our orthopedic surgeons will only deal with the pet if surgery is the best procedure that offers viable solution for the animal.

    What will Happen During the Procedure

    It is imperative to understand as much as you can about the surgery because it will have a huge impact on your pet. You will also avoid doing some activities with the pet after the surgical operation. Luckily, our vets will give you sufficient health education on what you need to do with the pets before and after the operation. Our discharge and intraoperative notes will also highlights the restrictions or recommendations on the best pet care at home.

    What are the Best Preoperative Practices

    It is essential to make this inquiry to ensure you prepare your pets sufficiently for the surgery whenever they have an appointment. We always inform you on everything that you need to do to the pets before bringing it to our veterinary hospital for any surgical procedure. Reputable Seneca animal hospitals will issue you with a preoperative checklist where you can confirm if you have accomplished everything that needs to be done at such level.

    When to Pick Up Your Pet

    Orthopedic surgeries last for some hours and the pet will require close monitoring for complications after the procedure. Some complex procedures may require overnight postoperative admission for expert monitoring within Animal clinics in Seneca. However, there are other surgeries where we can allow you to leave with the pet the same day we compete operation. Our health messages to pet owners involve a thorough explanation of the procedure and what to expect. We explain the possible lifestyle changes a pet may experience and possible discharge time.

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