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    The Best Time To Schedule A Visit With A Veterinarian In West Union SC

    Animals cannot verbally complain about how they’re feeling. If you have a pet, it is important to pay close attention to changes in their behavior, social skills, eating habits, balance, and cognition among other things. At Walhalla Veterinary Hospital, we regularly treat animals that have never received preventative healthcare before. Worst still, many of the problems they are experiencing could have been easily avoided or minimized with regular medication attention. This is why we want locals to know the best time to schedule an appointment with a veterinarian in West Union SC.

    To start, you definitely want to schedule a visit as soon as you bring a new pet home. This remains true even if the adoption facility, breeding specialist, or former owner attests to having provided diligent medical care before. This initial visit will allow you to familiarize your animal with the treatment environment. It’s also an opportunity to get knowledgeable and needs-specific advice about things like diet, exercise, socialization and grooming.

    At our hospital, we offer dog grooming service so that owners don’t have to tackle this challenging task themselves. We can safely clip nails and coats, give dogs and other animals baths, and even care for their teeth. Our vet can let you know how often your pet should be groomed based upon factors such as age and lifestyle.

    Even quick check-in visits are an excellent opportunity to discover developing or potential health problems while they are still minor and easy to contend with. Even though many pet owners put vet visits off due to the potential cost, regular, preventative care is actually far cheaper than surgical intervention and many other urgent medical treatments. With routine, preventative care, your animal will be healthier and you’ll spend a lot less overall.

    Most pets should see the vet once annually. You may need to schedule more frequent visits if your animal is older or if they’ve got breed-specific health conditions that they deal with all of the time. Check your pet insurance plan to determine how many covered visits you have and then ask your vet how frequently they recommend scheduling appointments. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our facility, our staff, and our services. If you want to find reputable, reliable pet boarding near me, you can contact us for that as well.

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